How to Make Blog with English Language

How to Make Blog with English Language
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How to Make Blog with English Language

Google adsense is a LONG TERM investment for the moneymaker on the internet. But remember to start to earn money on the internet you have to be patient, because Google does not like the same people who didn’t patient to wait!

Now, please follow the steps how to create English language blog that makes money.

# 1 Create a new blog in english

Create a free blog just like me. As a novice, was pretentious snobs need not ‘an make a blog that dot com or paid. Myspace actually “profit can not, stump achieved”.

For steps to create a blog in full, please read my post about: how to create a blog

Classic questions that arise from the most novice blogger if you want to create a blog usually gini,

“Want to create a blog with any theme yaahhh …?”

“Write anything well … ??? Puciiinggggg !!! ”

“…  before Continue writing the article, what else yah?”

gambar-lucu-kakek-unik-rayakan-ulang-tahunActually when we want to blog need not be too hard to think what want anything, so what … yes writing just flowed. Just sometimes many bloggers made headache own anyway .. but I love the answers to questions that may arise in your mind.

Topics specify blog

Blog themes usually associated with expertise or skills that you mastered in everyday life. Just be sometimes so many themes that would have us confused want to write an article where it used.

Therefore please read: how to find inspiration idepostingan quality blogs

optimization blog

For further questions, about the blog optimization. before you write bla bla bla … on a topic of ideas that have been previously obtained would be much better if you arrange important matters as follows:

Come up with a description of the blog search (read: how to bring up the search description on the blog post)

Pop tab earnings (read: how to make the tab earnings or income in the blog)

Create contact us (read: how to create a blog in service contact us 123contactform)

Create a privacy policy (read: the easiest way to make a privacy policy for the blog)

Create disclaimer (read: how to create a blog disclaimer page for google adsense)

Start the abbreviated term of service or TOS (sample page for the blog tos: use way for disclaimer “tos generator”) click:

terms of service (tos)
Create a list of blog contents (sitemap): How to Create Content Posts Pages in Blogger

Create your profile or about me (eg the ‘about me’)

Well, if you’ve been practicing all the above then the next you think about the topic of the article that you control in everyday life. Then, on the topic of your analysis as keywords.

how nice of a word (keyword) for an article you can see through a free tool from Google AdWords keyword named planner.

Please read about how to define the idea of posting on my article which I discuss here.

Then you may move to the next stage of writing content or articles. Cekidot !!

# 2 Number of Content / Writing

“Continue, how much is the minimal English-language articles that must be made as a condition for registering your blog to google adsense so easily accepted?”

What is clear anyway, the article will be good buanyak may be received by Google. However, as an author advise before signing up google adsense should you write or post an article at least 10 posts to the English language.

Thus, from this moment until the next 10 days, write 10 articles with English content to your blog in 1 day 1 writings.

# 1 On the first day, first written english

# 2 On the second day, one written english

# 3 On the third day, one written english

# 4 On the fourth day, first written english

# 5 On the fifth day, one written english

# 6 On the sixth day, one written english

# 7 On the seventh day, one written english

# 8 On the eighth day, 1 written english

# 9 On the ninth day, one written english

# 10 On the tenth day, one written english

Once you have 10 blog posts in English, then the next stage lagnkah sign up for a Google AdSense account. Get ready for it.

But remember !, making it available 10 posts on blogging with one article each day for a blog to be registered to google adsense. No need to rush to sign up for Google AdSense immediately prior to your blog contains a minimum of 10 articles in English.

Continues, you may see the following question.

“… .kenapa Should write one article / articles / postings every day ??”

Why not just 10 articles posted all day massively let listing in Google Adsense can be faster?

because the machine / robot google checker blog articles sent by om Google is only able to read the contents of one article in one time or one day with the same date.

So, if we are in one day publish more than two articles and submitted to the actual google google refractive index just one page / the Page site only. Kan dear … hehe

Kan also that the loss of the 10 articles in the proposed robot to google (google console) but received / indexed only one. Again, indeed the key is patience, patience and patience.

After you write at least 10 articles in 10 days, and already ventured to register google adsense then the next step is waiting alias waiting for a reply email from google.

For those of you who are less fluent in English, to make English-language articles, you may use one of the ways that I recommend the following:

1. Write articles speak english with google translate

2. Write articles to speak English to retype the English-language brochures manually

3. Write articles to speak English with the help of expert English

Good tips quick way to make money with a blog that makes money English Translation and makes you gain inspiration. thus may be useful, Salam.

send regards for success!

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