Charity in Ramadhan – Harmony Motivation Center

Charity in Ramadhan – Harmony Motivation Center
07/06/2015 2 Comments Charity in Ramadhan admin

Does not feel‘ve stayed a few days longer nearing Ramadan, hopefully we are given health and the opportunity to fast for a month.

This Ramadan is very special for me and the family even though plagued by various kinds of trials, but it did not dampen my enthusiasm for running fast with full reverence.

About two weeks ago, a sister died in an accident and jambret, bleeding in the head resulted died on way to hospital.

Gain charity in Ramadan

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    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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    Donation Feed the Fasting

    Thanks for this motivated post to encouraging all the Muslim communities around the world to give support and helping those charities who’re given support in food basket and arrangement for breaking fast for poor and needy Muslim brothers & sisters every year.

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